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PentaRef Multi-output Reference


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PentaRef Details


The PentaRef provides 5 different DC reference voltages and is an excellent tool for checking the accuracy of your DVM or DMM.  At the time of ordering you specify any 5 voltages (to the nearest 250uV) between 0.10V and 10.0V that suit your needs.  The voltages are sequentially generated, and cycled through, by pressing and releasing the pushbutton adjacent to the LED's shown in the picture, above.  The voltage appearing at the terminals in the lower left corner of the board is guaranteed, at the time of shipping, to be within 150uV of the user specified voltage.  The actual voltage, to the nearest 100uV, will be indicated on the board.  

For example, the above picture shows a PentaRef with the following voltages specified: 1.000V, 1.900V, 2.500V, 5.000V, and 10.000V.

All five output voltages are derived from a Linear Technology LT1021BCN8-5 buried Zener reference IC.  To insure long term stability, before shipment each PentaRef is continuously powered-up for a minimum of 250 hours, and then adjusted using our calibrated, 8.5 digit, Keysight 3458A DMM Keysight  Certificate of Calibration 1-1233239233-1, valid through February 25, 2020.  The calibration temperature is typically 68 degrees F.

PentaRef recalibration is free for the first two years after purchase- just mail it back to us and for USPS Priority return shipping to destinations within the USA please send a $8.00 PayPal payment to doug@voltagestandard.com
After two years the charge is $15.00 plus shipping.

Optional Enclosure
The PentaRef optional enclosure (shown above) provides the following:
• Same circuitry and electrical specifications as the standard PentaRef
• Black plastic enclosure surrounds 9V batteries mounted underneath circuit board
• Small rubber feet in bottom corners of enclosure keep unit from sliding on your work surface
• Clear 1/8" thick acrylic cover plate prevents damage if an object is accidentally dropped onto your PentaRef.  Since the cover is clear, the power-on LED, voltage selector push button, and connection terminals are easily seen and accessed.

6 month output voltage accuracy:  0.100V - 0.999V, 0.2%
1.000V - 1.999V, 0.04%
2.000V - 4.999V, 0.02%
 5.000V - 10.000V, 0.01%
Output voltage temperature coefficient: 6ppm/ºC, typical
Maximum load current: 1mA
Power source: Two 9V alkaline batteries (supplied)
Battery current drain: 5mA
Dimensions (no enclosure):  3" W x 3" L x 1.25" H
Dimensions (with enclosure option): 3" W x 3" L x 2 1/8" H

Link to our online store: www.shop.voltagestandard.com


PentaRef Optional Enclosure


PentaRef Calibration Certificate

Link to our online store: www.shop.voltagestandard.com