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VREF-01, .01% Voltage References



  • This small, portable, .01% accurate precision voltage reference can be used to check the calibration of your DVM or DMM.  Different voltage models are available but our most popular is 5V and is described here.  The VREF5-01 features a 5V output, accurate within 0.01%  (output guaranteed to be between 4.9995 and 5.0005 Volts) for a minimum of 8 months.  The circuit is based on the Texas  Instruments' REF5050ID Voltage Reference.  Here is a link to the data sheet on the TI web site: http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ref5050.pdf   An external power supply is not needed; The included 9V battery makes the unit self-contained and easily transported.  An on-board on/off switch allows you to maximize battery life when not in use.  Reverse polarity protection is included, so even if the battery is placed in the holder backwards no damage will result.  A high brightness, low current LED clearly indicates when the reference is turned on.  

    The circuit board was designed to minimize the effects of mechanical stress on the reference IC.  Specifically, the REF5050 was placed on the edge of the board and 2 adjacent slots decouple stresses in the board from reaching the reference which could otherwise cause the output voltage to shift.    The REF5050 is carefully and quickly soldered to the board and every one of the references that we have sold easily exceed the specifications listed above.  

    The worst-case change with temperature is a low 5ppm /C. Before shipping, the ambient temperature and output voltage are recorded as explained below.  To guarantee an output within .01%, your ambient temperature must be within 8C (14F) of the stated calibration temperature (usually 68F/21C). In a typical indoor environment this usually isn't much of a restriction.   After the unit is assembled, it is powered up with a 9V power supply for a minimum of 250 hours to "age" the reference and improve its long term stability.  After aging, the trim potentiometer is carefully adjusted so that the reference voltage is within 5µV of the as measured by our calibrated, 8.5 digit Keysight 3458A  DMM. (Keysight Technologies, Loveland Standards Laboratory, Certificate of Calibration 1-10871332528-1, valid through February 27, 2020). 

    Recalibration of the REF5-01 is free for the first two years after  purchase - just mail it back to us and send a $7.00 PayPal payment to  doug@voltagestandard.com for return USPS Priority shipping to  destinations within the USA..  After two years the calibration charge is  $5.00 plus shipping.  

    2.048V, 2.500V, 3.000V, 4.096V, 4.500V, and 5.000V references are available; please specify desired voltage when placing order.  Here is a link to our online store: www.shop.voltagestandard.com

    Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.     
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